Upper Hallways Project – 2011

Six years after the lobby and social rooms were renovated, the owners voted to update the the upper hallways. The project includes, new carpet and lighting. In addition the chandeliers were removed and new sconce lighting installed in the three atriums. New trim, lighting and color enhancements were added to each unit entrance. Below are a pictures taken during the renovation, June-Sept. 2011.




The following were taken September 17, 2011

taken on 11th floor



Chalet Coronovirus Policy


Mar 16 Owner letter via PDF download

Mar 20 Owner Letter via PDF Download

Mar 23 Owner Letter via PDF Download

Mar 25 Owner Letter via PDF Download

Check In — Check Out

As the season draws to a close, it is important that you Check Out with the office as you leave.  We need to keep an accurate account of Chalet population.


Printed Owners Directory

Latest Directory: May 5, 2020.

Printed owner’s directory is now available to all owners.  Log into the  Owner’s Only webpages and go to the owner’s directory.  There are in instructions to print the directory.


Channel 102 is on this website.

Under the Owner’s Only tab is a copy of the same information running on Channel 102 on your unit TV. Now you can check it anytime!!

The Owners Info pages are available only to owners and immediate families. Log in by clicking on any tab under “Owners Info”. To obtain a Username and Password, please email Joe Cunning.