TV and Internet Services


The Chalet has a master contract with Summit Broadband Communications to provide TV and Internet service to the Chalet.  Summit serves the condo with state-of-the art technology.  This includes fiber optic cable to each unit thus enabling hundreds of high definition TV channels and high speed internet.


Each unit has box to convert the optic cable signal to an analog signal. Each unit has one converter box called ONT (Optical Network Terminator) box .  It is a white box about 8in by 10in.  In most units this box is located in a bedroom or great room.  One box to a unit.  Maintenance of the box is Summit’s responsibility, but Summit has trained Chalet staff to help troubleshoot problems. Each unit is wired with coax cable which is connected to the ONT.   The owner is responsible for the coax system, and most units have coax outlets in the great room, bedrooms and kitchen. The ONT also provides an Ethernet outlet port which can connect to an owner provided WIFI router.


HOW TO TROUBLESHOOT.    Call the phone number below.  Summit has a wide range of tests that they can use to test the system remotely.  Owners are encouraged to contact Summit if they have problems.   Their main website is:  The Marco Island office is shown below.  Try it FIRST!!



860 Bald Eagle Dr #1, Marco Island, FL 34145



TV Service


Included in the master Summit contract is basic TV service which has over a hundred channels, some of which are in high definition.   Please download this Channel Lineup in PDF format. Newer TV sets will get the basic channel line up by connecting the coax cable directly to the TV.  Most older TV sets will need a converter box at the TV set.  Summit will rent those boxes at a small cost to the owner.


High Definition channels and other services such as DVD recorders require special converters.  Those may be rented from Summit.  There are a wide variety of converters, so please contact Summit. TV service via the internet is discussed in the next section.



Internet Service


Summit provides a robust signal at the ONT: 100mbsdown/25mbsUP.  Most Chalet owners have chosen to connect a WIFI router to the ONT port. The WIFI router is the responsibility of the owner, and the routers can also be rented by the month from Summit. It is also possible to connect the router to the system at any cable outlet using a converter (provided at owner cost  by Summit).    Many owners have found that mesh routers work well in the Chalet geography.


For the owners that have WIFI systems, Summit has provided a valuable smartphone app to help problem solve many WiFi problems.  Link:    


The Chalet provides pubic internet services in multiple ways.  The Chalet outer office has a computer and printer connected to the internet.  This system is available to view email and other services.  A popular use is to print airplane boarding passes.  WiFi service is available and login instructions are in the office.  Public WiFi is available in the library, social room, gym and pool area.  These services are “open” and do not require a password.


Any WIFI system is complex and very specific to the unit.  We encourage owners to discuss problems with Summit and Chalet staff.



Phone Service


Summit offers phone service at the ONT connector.  It is one way to have land line phone service to the Chalet owner’s unit.  Connection are very specific to each unit and options need to be discussed with Summit.


Board Meeting June 24

The Chalet Board will hold a virtual meeting on Thursday, June 24 at 10am. Click here to download the agenda and login instructions.


This is a friendly reminder that it is time to send in your 3rd Quarter Condominium Association dues.
3rd Quarter Dues : $2,556.00
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Owner;’s are invited to download a printed version of the Website Owner’s Directory. (Sorry, no pictures!) The most recent version was updated May 19 2021. Just log into the website and further instructions are provided.

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