Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma is due to make landfall in South Florida over the September 9 2017 weekend.  Below are communications of interest to Chalet owners and their families.

This slide show consists of 63 slides showing Irma’s destructive power on the Chalet’s outside Common Areas. Pictures taken by Chalet Staff. The slides change each 5 seconds. To stop, just click on a slide. Use navigation buttons to continue.


September 15 Letter to Owners


Dry Out Service Update


Scammer Alert Information


September 13 Letter to Owners


September 12 Letter to Owners


September 11 Letter to Owners


September 10 Letter to Owners


September 8: Letter to Owners


September 6: Letter to Owners




COVID -19 Info

The Chalet Channel 102 contains the latest information about the Chalet Policies. Owners absent from the Chalet can access Channel 102 in the Owner’s Only section. Channel 102 is updated regularly with other Chalet Announcements. In addition, Owners can access the latest Chalet Board Minutes to gain additional information.

Printed Owners Directory

Owner;’s are invited to download a printed version of the Website Owner’s Directory. (Sorry, no pictures!) The most recent version was updated October 23, 2020. Just log into the website and further instructions are provided.

Check In – Check out

Please remember to notify the Chalet office when you arrive from a long absence as well as check check out for a long absence. As well as when you have guests. it is important that we maintain a accurate count of people in the building.