About Us


The Front Entrance to the Chalet


The Chalet of San Marco is a 90 unit condominium community located directly on the Gulf of Mexico. Built in the early 80’s, the community has always enjoyed life in a comfortable, secure environment. The Chalet has 16hr security personnel to assure peace and tranquility. Through the years the Owner’s Association has maintained the highest standards of maintenance and upkeep. Several major upgrading tasks have been completed, most recently in new carports, entrance, lobby, security office and social rooms.


If you have questions or comments about the community please contact our Manager, Rich Cassata at the addresses below. Rich has several years service at the Chalet and is extremely knowledgeable about our community.


We are striving to be the best!! Watch us improve even more!!




DISCLAIMER: This website is owned and maintained by Joe Cunning, owner of Chalet Unit 903. It is offered as a service to the owners. While our intent is to provide factual information, this site’s content is not approved by the Chalet Association Board of Directors, nor managed in anyway by the Association. The Association does not pay for this site, nor does it receive any income from its operation.



COVID -19 Info

The Chalet Channel 102 contains the latest information about the Chalet Policies. Owners absent from the Chalet can access Channel 102 in the Owner’s Only section. Channel 102 is updated regularly with other Chalet Announcements. In addition, Owners can access the latest Chalet Board Minutes to gain additional information.

Printed Owners Directory

Owner;’s are invited to download a printed version of the Website Owner’s Directory. (Sorry, no pictures!) The most recent version was updated October 23, 2020. Just log into the website and further instructions are provided.

Check In – Check out

Please remember to notify the Chalet office when you arrive from a long absence as well as check check out for a long absence. As well as when you have guests. it is important that we maintain a accurate count of people in the building.