Kudos to the Chalet Staff

Bill wrote this about our exceptional staff. I, and all of us agree.


After these generous kudos to the various facilities within the city government, we need to be sure the outstanding work of the Chalet staff is not forgotten. At the end of Isaac the work of Rich, Jim and Salome is only half over. They now must go back to the shuttered windows they struggled to close and open them up for the painters to continue their work this week. All the outside pool furniture which was safely stored in the Social Room must now be carried back outside, plus all the other “stuff” that was moved inside for security. This crew is outstanding and they certainly took care of the Chalet for us all. . . and we sincerely thank them.

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  • Joe Cunning says:

    Dottie Weiner sent the following message to me:

    Hi Joe, I agree. They are terrific! Miss Dottie (1003)

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